Google Adsense Highest CPC Keywords

A quick note: a lot of the keywords on the list will look pretty weird. For example:

(1) A term like “Cornell email” might seem strange, but the reason it’s such a high CPC term is likely because it attracts advertisers spending in the ‘college education’ as well as ’email provider’ niches.

(2) The term “I will“, ostensibly a search related to grammatical syntax, has an $80 CPC because it snags high-spending advertisers in the legal niche who are bidding on “wills”, i.e. how people dispose of their property after death.

You’ll see a lot of keywords like this in the list. There are terms that might seem weird- but they probably include the exact or related keywords high-spending advertisers are targeting.

(3) Another example is “meso compound“. According to a quick Google search, “A meso compound is a molecule with multiple stereocenters”.

But, because it includes the keyword “meso”, as in mesothelioma, there are all sorts of advertisers in the law niche bidding on this lucrative keyword hoping to attract law clients who are victims of asbestos. A quick Ahrefs search shows that mesothelioma has a $70 CPC.

The following are 100 lucrative Adsense keywords:

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