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College and university courses are costlier than ever, making it difficult for many to afford the tuition required. But the internet has changed the game, with many institutions sharing courses online for free through open learning initiatives.

While most of these free courses don’t offer credit or certificates, they are a great way for you to expand your knowledge and keep up-to-date with your industry. Then, there’s the benefit of being able to learn anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace.

Interested in accessing free college-level courses? Here are some of the best sites to take free college courses online.

1. EdX

EdX is one of the largest massive open online course providers in the world, giving over 14 million users access to free courses from universities around the world. Originally founded by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the site now includes courses from the likes of Boston University, Caltech, and dozens of other prestigious universities from around the world.

2. MIT OpenCourseware

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was a pioneer in offering online college courses. The university offers you the ability to download and follow their archived courses through their OpenCourseware platform. For example, MIT OpenCourseware offers a free course on interior design.

By the way, the famous Scott Young MIT challenge is mostly based on MIT OpenCourseware. Please check this link for the full story of it:
MIT Challenge - Scott Young | TED

3. Carnegie Mellon OpenLearning

Carnegie Mellon University provides free online courses for anyone wishing to access them. In fact, it even offers materials for instructors who wish to teach their students these courses.

4. Coursera

Coursera is another online learning platform through which many universities and companies offer their open courses. Like many of the other course providers on the list, you can access courses for free, but you won’t receive accreditation or a certificate without a fee.

5. Stanford Online

Stanford Online is the website through which Stanford University offers all its online courses. While you would have to pay tuition to complete a certificate or degree through the platform, the university’s open learning courses are available to anyone for free. This includes courses offered by the different university schools, such as Stanford School of Medicine and Stanford Business School.

6. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is another platform that offers courses from universities and organizations around the world. Like the other open learning platforms, courses are available for free but certificates require a fee.

7. OpenLearn

The OpenLearn platform offers content from The Open University. This university pledges to be open, offering the opportunity to learn for free to as many people as possible. While the university has physical classrooms based in the UK, it has also opened its content to anyone online through its OpenLearn website.

8. Harvard Online

If you’re interested in courses from Harvard University, the institution offers many through its online portal. While some of these courses are paid, there are dozens that are also available for free.

9. Bilibili

Bilibili is a Chinese based website, which has lots of videos and resources. It is a website very like youtube with lots of "youtubers"(video-self-makers) on it, not like all the websites mentioned above. The above Scott Young Ted Talk video is just from While, many videos from above websites are uploaded by some people and therefore it is quite easy to find courses on this website. Although, this website is mainly constructed by Chinese, but when you want to find some courses, it is pretty easy. There are lots of English courses from American Universities such as Harvard, Yale, MIT etc.

10. iTunes U

There are some universities will collaborate with Apple to publish their courses on iTunes like Stanford. So sometime iTunes U is a great place to start your self study journey as well.

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