WebEx vs Lifesize vs GoToMeeting vs Blue Jeans vs Zoom vs StarLeaf: Comparing Web Collaboration Solutions

Sometimes you need to set up a quick video conference to collaborate with your team or iron out an issue at the last minute. Even if you don’t have the telepresence room booked for the day, there are tons of great options to start up a video conference right from your computer, but which one should you choose? A side by side comparison will make the differences clear. We sized up some of the most popular ad hoc web collaboration solution to help you make the right choice for your meeting. Check out the features of the top web-based video conferencing and collaboration solutions on the market.

Lifesize WebEx® GoToMeeting® Blue Jeans® Zoom® StarLeaf
Interoperable cloud video offering  
Manufactures unified, plug-and-play HD camera systems and HD phones for every room
Video system monitoring and real-time alerts

Consistent experience across devices  1  1
Directory with name-based dialing
One-on-one and group calls with call escalation
One-on-one chat
Persistent group chat in a meeting room

Up to 50 live participants in HD video
Live streaming up to 10,000 viewers per event

Unlimited audio-only calls for users and guests in more than 60 countries
HD recording and sharing via personal video library

Skype for Business support
Full-featured web-based app
Desktop and mobile app

Data source:https://www.lifesize.com/en/video-conferencing-app/competitive-comparison

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